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Our Philosophy
Life Healing Food Service Aims
What We Do
* Only the safest, quality healing food, products and life practises
   are used.

* Life Healing Foods are enjoyable, easy to use for daily living
   and well-being.

* Life Healing Foods should be satisfying, appetising, reduce
   living costs and taste nice in comparison to artificial and 
   processed foods. 

* Learning to tell the difference: You begin to know what are the 
   real life healing foods and what are not! e.g. manufactured, 
   concentrated and processed foods are not ‘so called’ natural 
   healthy foods and sometimes even if its called organic.

* To counteract and protect you from today’s artificial chemical 

* To advise and provide sources for both local and international
   safe quality healing foods and first aid teas.
Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre™ aims for you to have the knowledge from the very best. We want you to know how, what, where, when and why about your life choices so you can improve your body immunity and strength naturally. Wouldn’t it be great for you to have the knowledge of the safest life-healing first aid foods, teas and drinks available specifically for your needs so you can get well, look and stay well?
Our starting point is to offer you services that involve personalised food plans. For your consultation Merav will walk you through a questionnaire filled out by you, with Merav's answers for you to record. This enables Merav to effectively target the areas of your health and diet. Merav wants you to  improve your body with dietary changes of food plans that leave you feeling satisfied while obtaining wellbeing. This involves you returning for a follow up to see that you are making progress. 

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* Know how to source and identify healing food.

* Gain the ability to listen to your body and know what teas,                  natural coffees and foods you need to boost energy and                      immunity.                    

* Enjoy nourishing, satisfying foods.

* Achieve quick food preparations.

* Own your own lifetime food plans.

* Obtain strength and immunity.

* Learn low cost, safe living lifestyle habits.

* Sustain long-term health and avoid harmful foods.

* Replace expensive, non satisfying artificial and processed
   foods with healing foods.

* Self healing knowledge means saving money for other pleasures.

* Work and home is a permanent healthy place!

Benefits from using Life Healing Food Consultancy and Store
To order products from our shop, simply look through the 'Shopping List' below and either phone me with your order: 04 235 9262 or 027 352 8131 or email to info@lifehealingfood.com

Download and Print out our latest Life Healing Food Product and Price Brochure:
Merav provides you with a 10 page analysis, initial consultation and individualized food plans plus a daily food guide. 

Prices include the pre-health questionnaire analysis answers before a first consultation at only $60.00 (for 100 questions). 

Consultation fees range from:

1.  Short Emergency 'First Aid Consultation Package' for immediate Life Healing Food answers that are given by 
     conversation, preferably in person, while telephone/Skype options maybe available. Examples of this include after 
     a fall or feeling sick and needing instant answers. This is charged by time taken e.g. 5 minutes would be $10.00

2. 'One Symptom Consultation Package' like high blood pressure is approximately 90 minutes and up to $180.00 on 
    average for you recording answers to daily problems so you have notes to follow at home.

3. 'Life Consultation and Analysis Package' like for Chronic Fatigue and it may include more charges due to long term
    disease patterns that require life plan solutions. Approx: allow 1-2 hours.  

4. 'Regular Check Up Consultation Package' can include a 30 minute consultation for $60; with a 30 minute follow up 
    if needed the following week. Plus, weekly check-in phone calls for feedback of any other symptoms needing 
    attention or not resolved or information that needs to be obtained or followed through on. Check-in phone calls are      charged by the time taken e.g. 15 minutes would be $30.00. Calls are often 15 minutes.

5. 'Follow Up Consultation Package' is to keep you on track for your well-being and to monitor your progress i.e.
    unwanted symptoms are disappearing, results are happening and to prevent future disease. Usually one free 
    phone call is allowed. We require you to phone us with changes to your well being plus your first aid food/tea 
    preferences so that together we can get results that enable you to get well, look well and stay well. If phone 
    calls are longer than 5 minutes or asking answers to new questions, then they may be charged as check-in phone
    calls. This may be wavered at our discretion. 

CALL Merav today for your appointment: 04 235 9262 or 027 352 8131

** Charges are only by the length of time of consultation.

Price of Consultation
Download and Print Out our Current Life Healing Food Consultancy Information Brochure