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"The results were amazing!... I highly recommend Merav"

"I am an independent midwife based in Nelson. I have used Merav's services for clients during pregnancy, postnatally and also for their babies, for many different reasons. For example babies showing signs of colic or rashes. 

During my own pregnancy, I promptly called Merav, as my blood pressure was at the higher end of normal. 

I filled out a questionnaire for an individual assessment and we went from there. With Merav's help, I introduced new and healthier options into my diet.

I had to be be very dedicated making up teas and natural medicines each day. The results were amazing! 

I feel that I was the healthiest I have ever been. During my pregnancy, my blood pressured remained normal, and I grew a healthy baby. I also have a first aid kit, solely made up of healthy healing products that I use on my family and myself. 

I highly recommend Merav. She has a caring disposition and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She can be trusted as a practitioner. 

Kind regards,
Aunouska Myer"
                                                                                   Aunouska Myer 
                                                                                       Independent Midwife, Nelson,

Put our expertise to work for you. At life healing food, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community and look forward to helping more people discover healing foods.

"I recommend Merav's knowledge...huge positive changes in my thyroid function"

Karen says "I recommend Merav's knowledge as I have benefited from her advice. I have changed my eating habits over the last 18 months and I have found it's given me a huge increase in my energy levels with huge positive changes in my thyroid function. 

When I need a tea my body's taste buds direct me to choose which one I need and it tastes really good and then I feel better.  With persistence every week I notice changes in my body and how my uncomfortable symptoms have disappeared. People around me comment on how well I look and I am feeling much better with increased and lasting energy."

- Karen Larsen
Massage Therapist
Dip Therapeutic Massage
Dip Neuromuscular Therapy
Specialises in Therapeutic, Neuromuscular, Sports, Myofascial, and Soft Tissue Therapy
“A life without medicated drugs and supplements, but with the knowledge of Life Healing Foods is a freeing life”

- Merav Reid
Testimonials from Clients of Life Healing Food
One of the many examples from Merav's life:

“My children had chicken pox while travelling. The family they received the chicken pox from were covered in bad scars and they probably have them for life! For my children, I used two pleasant teas for them to drink, plus I put the liquid from the teas in their bath and washed my children down with it too. My children walked around like normal in the sun (no bed rest) and they never scratched themselves, even though they were covered all over in many spots. From this they achieved strong immunity with no bad symptoms.”
- Merav Reid 
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"Improved...all aspects of my life"

"Dear Merav,

I want to thank you so much for bringing me back to good health after having a very annoying dry cough for 9 years and an enlarging lump at the side of the base of my neck for about 5 years. 

It has been five years since I filled out your holisitic questionnaire and I followed your advice and remedies. I visibily lost weight going from size 16-18 down to size 10-12 and have a new wardrobe! 

My cough has never come back much to my delight and the relief of my friends and the lump has disappeared. I still eat your special muesli each day, drink your recommended teas, and have a much better idea of what food does me good and which foods to avoid. 

My breathing has improved too, along with all aspects of my life. So I thought you'd like to know how much I appreciate your input to my complete recovery.

Sincerely, with best regards,
Linda Howe"
                                                                - Linda Howe, Christchurch
"Amazing 'tea lady' who heals you"

This recommendation is from Carol Karl’s blog:

'Late last year I came to a point where my health (or lack of it) was ruling my life. I spent every day in pain and wondering what I was eating that was causing such misery. A friend of mine had been telling me for some time about her amazing “tea lady” who heals you.

The tea lady’s name is Merav Reid of Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre. I must say, she’s changed my life. So what is it about Merav that makes her so special? Lots! Let me tell you a bit about my journey and you can judge for yourself.

  • No longer do I have pain every day – in fact I can go weeks without any.  
  • I’ve lost 13 kgs (and counting)! 
  • For the first time in my adult life I have been free of candida for more than a couple of days.

Before my first consultation I had to complete a rather large questionnaire. It took me about a week to do, on and off as I had to think long and hard about my medical history. I also had to complete a week’s worth of food diary.

After just five months, I’m enjoying a way better lifestyle and I’m pretty much pain free.

So if you live in the Wellington region and you want to see dramatic health benefits, I can really recommend Merav and her herbal teas.'

Read more about Carol Karl's experience
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"Before it was M.E. and Fibromyalgia...
Now my memory is improved, I'm free of pain, I sleep well, I can go to the gym..."

"Before taking life healing food as my medicine I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and I had possible metal poisoning from dental fillings and working in a laboratory. 

Originally I was a bit sceptical, because I had been sick for so long, but this new well feeling in my life is proof that the healing food that Merav recommends for specific diseases really does work. 

I completed the health analysis questionnaire then consultations and I got life healing first aid teas, food and green prescription recipes.

For the first two weeks Merav adjusted the life healing teas to slow down the removal of toxins as I originally had headaches and ringing in my ears. This disappeared quickly and now my memory is improved, I'm free of pain, I sleep well, I can go to the gym and I'm peaceful and contented. 

I can manage daily tasks, meetings and seminars without feeling tired, exhausted or physically depressed. I have now reduced the number of life healing teas down to the ones I feel I need each day. I have a lot to thank Merav for."

                                                                -Josephine Olsen, Papakowhai
One of the many examples of the benefits our clients get from having a life consultation with us:

“I find the soymilk hot chocolate that Merav recommended to me very sustaining and nourishing. I like that the soymilk she recommended is organic and GMO free. ” 01 Dec 2015

- From Chris Uljee
 Chrysalis Image Studio, Wellington

To read more about what is safe freshly made soymilk and what isn't, then contact Merav as she has written a paper explaining the concentrated and chemical effects and differences between real soymilk and anything sealed in a container.

Know that we sell safe, top quality, inner pod Cocoa that's soft and light in colour and tastes like Swiss chocolate and it relaxes you. Also, we know which sugars don't react with the cocoa powder. So you can have a great tasting relaxing drink at night that makes you sleepy and it does not effect your blood pressure or your hormones or hype you up then drop you down!

Most chocolate drinks and chocolate have sugar in them and it reacts with the cocoa. Also dark chocolate too has poor quality cocoa beans that can also cause highs and lows and disturb your sleep.

Bloating gone...

“Merav is on my current course. I'm amazed of the depth of her knowledge. Its incredible, and she is so lovely, kind, calm and an amazing listener :)  check out Merav's website for more info." www.lifehealingfood.com 

"I took Merav's slippery elm first aid tea and it immediately soothed my stomach and stopped my bloating. Up till now I have had this unsolved bloating problem as I cannot eat much due to an operation. Thanks Merav!"

- Sue Parrott, Johnsonville, Wellington
What People Think of Our Life Healing Food Store and Service

“I love coming to see you at your store. 

Your products are such good quality, wellsourced and presented/labelled clearly, so I know what and how to use them...along with your experience and personalised advice.

I work very long hours and need the energy and good health from these products to keep going!

I have to be healthy to be happy and you really do help me to feel better - I trust your integrity, that's why I keep coming back!

I must've been coming to your Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre and Store now for about 6 years for health advice and healing products - there's no one else who does what you do; I was so relieved to find out about you and your products and services.

You keep me well informed by email and conversation and I'm forever grateful."

- Judy Nicholls, Wellington  
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Corrected

“I have had irritable bowel syndrome since my 20's. 
The doctors said there is nothing we can do about it, its just a condition. 

When I started eating these healthy foods within a week my bowels became normal.
I have not experienced this for 17 years. 

The difference came about through eating quality healing organic foods like NZ porridge (without sprays or sulphites or pasteurisation) plus Merav's slow release energy bread recipe; soft red wild rice with NZ organic split peas to make complete filling proteins; plus following Merav's green prescription recipes of vegetables and salads that taste really nice. 

A week later my medicinal tests were reduced by half for my blood sugars.

Its a really wonderful change and I am grateful for Merav's knowledge."

- Tessa Toleafoa, Kapiti Coast

50 years later...healed in one week and telling others...

“When I broke my back Merav spoke about 'Medicinal Food and Teas' that help with healing and pain management.

As I wanted by back health to be improved I made an appointment with Merav and I filled out a questionnaire and food diary.

I was very surprised that within one week the first thing I noticed was changes in my hand that had been quite disfigured as well as my back. My thumb and finger were paralysed and also two other fingers that had been broken 50 years ago. They were getting straighter and I didn't have any pain anymore.

I use this hand reguarly as I sew. It is now over a year and they are still straight.

I feel compelled to recommend Merav every time anyone is discussing their health problems. 

All of them have come back and thanked me for sending them to her as they have had great results. Thank you Merav!"

- Robyn MacIntyre, Plimmerton 
Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Healing...

"Incorporating Merav's information on healthy, healing enery foods, her recipes and healing teas into my life has enabled me to come off all pain medications and supplements.

Being diagnosed with ME: Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue I was forced to give up work, and resorted to living a regime of medications and supplements as well as scheduled rest to help me cope.

Planning my life around energy levels became the norm for a number of years with little or short lived improvement from alternative treatments.

12 weeks after my initial session with Merav, I continue to gain my strength; I have lost weight; I have the energy to return to my studies and be active with my family once again.

I am ever thankful to Merav for sharing her knowledge and providing the information and foods to kick start me back to health."

                                                                       - Lousia Kelly, Upper Hutt
Severe rash and weeping scabs gone within days...

"I volunteered a reference for Merav from November 2014 without her asking because I have not forgotten this one incident.

I also have recommended people to her over the past 8 years from my health shop when they dont know what to do."

This is what happened:"My daughter Estella Hinsch, was running behind my husband's tractor as he was fertilising our paddocks with natural fertiliser whcih he had made up of cow manure, comfrey, seweed etc. 

About 1 day later Estella developed a nasty rash at the base of her neck. We noticed this on a Thursday evening. She went to school Friday but on Saturday morning the rash was spreading up her scalp and weeping scabs began to develop. I rang Merav Saturday morning and she advised to make up her slippery elm poutice and put this on her head area and give Estella a drink plus a bath with her first aid yarrow and elderflower teas put in the bath water. 

On the sunday the scabs continued to dry out with the poultice and tea and she went to school on the Monday. It was a very swift and quick, amazing recovery.

This is one of the reasons why from my own personal experience - and the many experiences where her advice was so helpful- that I think people should seek consultation advice from her...

Thanks so much for your help Merav"

                                                                    - Rachel Major, Northland
Recovery from Surgery...

Merav's knowledge of plants and food has really been really valuable to me over the past few weeks - Her healing teas' are helping me stay well and recover from surgery and her caring healing energy is a real blessing. 

I highly recommend a consultation/food plan package and I am grateful to Merav for her care and advice.

kind regards Annette
- Annette Esquenet, Wellington
Able to walk again after leg festering...

"Thanks for today - very useful.

 I just came back from my friend Mary - re the lady who had her leg cut off at the knee. 

We put on the product I bought her and it is working already.

Thanks soooo much."
- Eve Casagranda, Papakowhai,