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Life Healing Food: how to get well, look well and stay well!
Merav Reid is an experienced, Medicinal Food Specialist: with 35 years research into the chemistry (Pharmacognosie) of quality healing food; Pharmaceutical dispensary qualification; Charge Nurse experience; BBS and BSC papers; Advanced Massage training; and she works alongside results focused, quality, medical and science based practitioners. 

Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre™ is about giving you the safest medicinal drinks and food to heal your body in all areas by making new healthy cells. 
In technical terms it is:

"Abiogenésis: the spontaneous generation of the natural biology of all physical life."

"Pharmacognosie: the research of the natural, biological and chemical properties of all food for healing – including vegetation of trees, bark, plants, roots, seeds and wild weeds to sustain life.” 

                                                                                  - Merav Reid
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Our Focus:
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My business background is to impart knowledgeable information from my scientific and medical research. This has involved studying the natural chemical and biological properties of safe natural Life Healing Food specific for most medical problems.

I want to heal and improve your immunity and strength by specific, personalized food plans, from our 'wellness consultation packages'. Life Healing Food does correct and protect you from the unhealthy effects of living in today’s artificially chemical environment. This means you don't need to be anxious about the chemicals around you when you are armed with safe healing food.

​Our Life Healing Food Consultancy offers knowledge about the effects of chemical use and advises on safer alternatives for your food intake and living. We have researched the best quality and most effective Life Healing Food which has safe chemical and biological properties.

Merav Reid, Medicinal Food Specialist, is someone you can build a trusting relationship with about your food, your health concerns, and your existing prescribed or recommended remedies such as supplements, medications and other products. She offers you simple, natural healing food and safe living products tailored for your needs.


Health Consultations:
Health Consultations range from getting to the basis of chronic diseases through to simple solutions to complete life-style improvements. They involve an analysis of symptoms and daily habits from a given questionnaire. 

Together we develop an understanding of the safest, environmental and dietary changes for your well-being (without the guilt).

Kate Pryor, Pukerua Bay:

"As I introduced some dietary changes I began to find my taste buds changed and I desired fulfilling natural Life Healing Food choices." 
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To order products from our shop, simply download and look through the 'Shopping List' below and either phone me with your order: 04 235 9262 or 027 352 8131 or email to info@lifehealingfood.com

Download and Print out our Current Life Healing Food Shopping List Product Catalogue: 
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Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre™ empowers you with knowledge to take charge of your own health. Life Healing Foods are those that specifically nourish and feed new healthy cells in your body.
 We want you to know how you can easily correct and protect your life-long personal health and well-being. 

Our Aim: We want you to have the knowledge about the safest real life healing food and know how to easily obtain and use them for improved daily well-being.

Our consultation plans get to the origin of your problems and diseases instead of covering them up! We give individual clients healing, dietary and environmental plans so they can keep well. look well and stay well naturally and safely!
Know the freedom: how to safely look and feel well with quality life healing food brands at our store and consultancy. Contact us at info@lifehealingfood.com 

 "A life without medicated drugs and supplements, but with the knowledge of Life Healing Foods is a freeing life." 

                               - Merav Reid