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Organic NZ Safe Soya, Lentils, Chia Seed, Chickpeas and Spices
Quality Organic Healing First Aid Flours & Grains
Quality First Aid Healing Creams, 
Oils & Cosmetics
Life Healing Food Products: how to get well, look well and feel well!
** Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre™ protects human life by using safe, sustainable, healing food and teas incorporating the sciences of natural botany, chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, physiology, ethnopharmacy and symptom analysis, and in finding the safest use of real Life Healing Food for well-being.**
Organic, Whole Grain, Unbleached, Gluten Free Flours & Grains
Moisturisers, Creams, Oils, Deodorants, Natural Toothpaste, Balms, Natural Makeup, Haircare and First Aid
Quality Organic First Aid Healing NZ Oats 
& Seeds
Organic Hulled & Rolled Oats, Safe Nuts (no sulphites or heat treated), & Seeds
Variety Healing Green Prescription Recipes
Quality Organic First Aid Healing Teas and Beverages
Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre Recipes & Food Preparation Plans
Natural Life Healing Plant Teas, Coffee Substitutes, Tea Infusers, Cocoa 
 and Juices
* Life Healing First Aid Quality Organic Food
* Life Healing First Aid Quality Organic Teas
* Life Healing First Aid Quality Organic Caffeine-Free Plus High 
   in Energy Coffees
* Life Healing First Aid Quality Safe Sugars Not Stored in Plastic
* Life Healing First Aid Quality Organic Sea Salt High in Taste
   and Minerals and Not Stored in Plastic
* Life Healing First Aid Quality Organic Fats & Oils
* Life Healing First Aid Organic Grains
* Life Healing First Aid Medicinal Bread and Muesli Recipes
* Life Healing First Aid Organic Spices and Condiments
* Life Healing First Aid Organic Nuts and Dried Fruits​
* Life Healing Green Prescription Recipes
* Life Healing Safe Home, Living and Work Practices
* Life Healing and Safe Environmental Products 
* Life Healing First Aid Food for making new healthy cells to correct Genetic and Hereditary Tendencies 
* Life Healing First Aid Food for International Culinary Eating Habits of Other Countries

We want to cut the through the artificial ideologies like recyclable or ‘green wash’ - and look at safe human, animal, land and waterway lifestyle practices.

We give you personalised knowledge about real, safe, easy and practical healing eating and living solutions. This can result in improved well-being, lower living costs, and also create safe reusable waste as its not contaminated with chemicals.
We offer superior quality with great tasting food of the safest known:
We have the safest knowledge consultancy and healing food plans with:
"Life Healing Food is unrefined, whole, healthy and closely resembles the state in which it originally and naturally grows."

- Merav Reid 
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To order products from our shop, simply download and look through our 'Shopping List' below and either telephone Merav with your order: 04 235 9262 or 027 352 8131 or email it to info@lifehealingfood.com

Download and Print Out our Current Life Healing Food Product Catalogue:
Download and Print Out our Current Life Healing Food Consultancy Information Brochure
Get our Collectible Medicinal, First Aid Tea, Prescription Cards

Laminated, 'Green Prescription Cards.' First Aid Tea information for your pantry and at your fingertips! Collect the set! One free with every tea purchased or buy them for $5.00 each. 

As one client said while using life healing first aid teas that made him feel so good: 

"It's not tea; it's nice, it's pleasant and my body wants more!"

"Life Healing Food is about making new healthy cells every 30-40 days in your body by eating healing foods high in oxygen and that build your body."

- Merav Reid 
Quality First Aid  Healing Seeds and Spices