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Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre (LHFcc)™

An independent science-based Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre™
working alongside results focused, integrative, comprehensive and complementary healing medicinal and science based practitioners.

Medicinal Food Specialist: Merav Reid

Merav is your Life Healing Food Medicinal Food Consultant: with over 35 plus years independent research into the biochemistry (Pharmacognosie) and botany of quality life healing food and its effects on physiology; Pharmaceutical Dispensary Qualification; Charge Nursing experience; Advanced Massage training.

We enable people to know how to correct, protect and repair their body symptoms and functions, from new cells to restoring defenses and immunity. Life can be easy when you know how to live in a safe and natural way. 

Merav is an encyclopaedia of information concerning all foods and fads and which harm and which have quality immediate healing to create new healthy cells in your body.

'She knows what you eat and its chemistry and how it works to either promote good health or detract from your wellbeing'
 - Merav Reid

What Merav offers:

Contact Merav for an telephone/skype/whats app 'knowledge giving appointment (due to Covid-19) from one of our 'Medicinal Food Consultation Packages'

When you have hundreds of medicinal plant solutions it's better to know how to use only specific, safe, Life Healing Foods that are tailored to meet your individual needs and symptoms and to solve the origin of the problem. 

You can learn from us how to be in charge of your own health.

Book a short 'first aid emergency' consultation or a 'regular check-up' package consultation or a 'life consultation and analysis' package. 

You will be listened to and empowered with Life Healing Food knowledge. This makes your life safe, in using only the best quality Life Healing Food and well-being choices that are available to you from our first aid store. 

Use our specific life healing food to correct and repair the root cause of various illnesses, diseases and chemical poisonings so you can get well, look well and stay well! 

Examples of specialities in health consultations: removing and preventing symptoms of viruses, chronic illness; chemical poisoning; myalgic encephalomyelitis; fibromyalgia; narcolepsy; pain relief after operations and palliative care; nerve damage repair; types of arthritic diseases; high and low blood pressure, cholesterol and heart; immunity; asthma; hay fever; hormonal imbalances; period pain; fertility; endometriosis; polyps; skin problems; sugar cravings; yeast; hyperglycemia; diabetes; fluid retention; bloating and obesity; bacteria; viruses; preventative and anti-cancerous foods and poultices; food allergies; sleep disorders; anxiety; depression; cramp; restless leg syndrome; correcting genetic weaknesses; musculoskeletal repair; sports injuries; pituitary and thyroid imbalances; addiction withdrawals and cravings; prostate functioning; digestive disturbances, irritation and diseases; digestive condtions and diseases; gluten free allergies; slow and fast metabolism; natural weight loss without dieting, memory disorders; eye and ear; sinuses; snoring; baby and childhood diseases and common illnesses. 

Contact us in Whitby + 64 4 235 9262 or + 64 273 528 131 to make a time

Visit our store/shop by downloading our PDF to purchase goods by arranged separate pickup or by courier delivery: At Life Healing Food we sell medicinal quality, first aid life-healing teas. These are absorbed immediately by mouth and work to heal, protect and prevent illness. 

With 'green prescription recipes', 'life healing food', and our 'safest external healing products' you have quality answers at your fingertips. People say its like a treasure trove of nice smelling healing food and medicinal first aid teas.

Be prepared this Summer with quality nice tasting first aid teas, to safely keep you well

1. Coronavirus (Covid-19) For concerns on how to remove symptoms and        effects, contact us. 
    As a natural pharmacy and with all the previous years of life-threatening      viruses, our clients are aware how to open the pores of the skin, remove      fevers, prevent fluid, coughing, and heal the lungs from the secondary          symptoms of covid-19 that affect health and life.
    We use the appropriate plant equivalents of current medications so our        clients can build better immunity, get well, look well and stay well. 

2. Make childhood diseases a breeze and keep your children happy
    without itching, scratching and scaring from chickenpox, mumps and
    measles (including adult shingles). These diseases build immunity when
    they are safely managed with no pain and to prevent harmful symptoms

3. Know what truly is medicinal life healing foods that build immunity
    rather than guessing in the dark on the internet or following the latest 
    dietary fads that can harm you more than you realize

4. Need a good nights sleep? Our first aid teas let the subconscious rest by
    calming the racing mind and relaxing tired muscles. Also, compared to 
    most other herbs, supplements or tablets they are all non-addictive and 
    non-dependence forming 

5. Got a runny nose, sore throat, flu symptoms, hayfever? Dry up your
    Eustachian tubes immediately and therefore safely prevent earaches, 
    chest and sinus problems without drowsy or hyper-reactions. Learn from      us in a health consultation how to naturally solve the allergy so it                disappears.

6. Viruses and Flu's will stop in their tracks so you can continue working
    when you use two of our First Aid Teas. They open the pores of the skin
    to let out viruses and flu's and also at the same time prevent fevers

7. Prevent pain in your body by solving the problem and cleaning the body
    from pain with our organic quality, medicinal, first aid teas and healing        food. These are great to use before and after surgery to give pain-              free recovery when following our health consultation directions.

These are some examples of how you can be empowered to get well and stay well.

Get your first aid kit from us for your work and pantry so you are ready and can breeze through changes in the weather and know how to keep your body well! 

Please note: Store viewing by arranged online chats, medical distancing appointment or arranged pickups or medical courier (due to Covid-19) and contacting Merav at email: info@lifehealingfood.com or telephoning 
+64 4 235 9262 or text on +64 27 352 8131

​Next Talk to Diary: Sunday 28th February 2021 2pm - 5pm

Book: by emailing info@lifehealingfood.com before Thursday 25th February 2021  

Venue: 25a Postgate Drive, Whitby, Porirua, Wellington

An afternoon with Merav Reid, one of NZ's leading medical food consultants with over 35 years of researching food as medicine. The afternoon will include an overview of Merav's background, an open forum to talk about food as medicine, followed by a walk in her garden to see a variety of plants that can heal. The event will be held in her consultancy/shop that includes a variety of healing teas and foods.

For attendance a koha (donation) would be greatly appreciated for Merav's time.

Previous talks

Talk Wednesday 02 September 2020 11am - 12pm
Venue: Waitangirua, Wellington

Register for this talk and power point presentation today on 
'Healing Food = Happy Body' 
by emailing us at info@lifehealingfood.com

About ways to heal your body using life-healing food to solve depression feelings.

Talk and power point presentation on ways to heal your body using life-healing food to solve depression feelings.

Register for this talk 'Healing Food = Happy Body' today by emailing us at info@lifehealingfood.com 

Venue: Waitangirua, Wellington.
 Coronavirus (Covid-19) distancing and health conditions apply.

Previous talks at Churton Park Community Centre and Elsewhere

​‘Increase the Speed of Injury Repair’ 
Need to get well quickly and not be in pain?

​Accidents, injuries, implants, operations, pain, nerve damage, inflammation! Know how to recover quickly and safely stay well?

When: Churton Park Community Centre, Wellington 
Time: Tuesday Evening 6th November 2018 7pm-8pm
Registration and entry for event: $15
Contact: register now by email info@lifehealingfood.com or 027 3528131
Free complementary care package, free tastings and free first aid teas to try and some products to purchase if desired
Event open to the public
 Powerpoint Presentations and Talks

Safe Life- Healing Food'
   How to know what is healthy and what isn't!'

Discussing your questions and giving answers about fads.

Learn more about:
How to make food safe to eat
What food to avoid
How to cleanse food
How to heal your body through food
More about some fad foods and why they are
Are you being duped with organic drinks and food bars
        are they safe?
Chemistry of food and how it changes…
Is the organic section in your supermarket safe?
Sprays: who sprays chemicals on the vegetables every night?
How to have our life healing drinks that counteract chemicals that                taste nice to the taste buds…
How life healing food heals and makes new healthy cells in your body…
        Tuesday Evening 4th September 2018 7pm-8pm

Wellington Healthy Living and Allergy Free Show

​'Allergy Free' Healthy Living Expo 1st & 2nd September 2018 at Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua, Wellington 9am-4pm
visit http://www.healthylivingshow.co.nz/directory/wellington
Look for free tickets on facebook or at gyms or supermarkets otherwise $5.00 entry on the day

Life Healing Food will have an exhibit of our safe, quality, first aid medicinal teas

Plus, we present a Seminar Powerpoint talk on 'How to Overcome Allergies' by healing your body through 'Medicinal Life Healing Food' with questions and answers at 3pm each day

Possible examples of exhibits signs for 'Allergy Free Show' 

​'Restoring Memory Loss'
Discussing what causes memory loss. 
Learning safe food and drinks to remove the blockages and repair the brain so you can think clearly. 
What foods do I need to avoid that are high in metals?
Come and learn what foods heal because they are are safe chelation agents. 

Discussing topics:
You will learn about what are the causes 
How you can protect yourself 
What foods to avoid 
What foods are safe chelation agents
What foods remove metals from your body and brain
How to repair the brain blockages so you can think clearly
How to increase oxygen to the brain 
What to do to change your lifestyle and eat and drink safely 
Learn which foods do I use and what do I do about 
        safely keeping my brain ok
Event open to the public: 7th August 2018
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talks 

'Overcoming Depression'
Do you know what foods and drinks either create or protect you from depression?
How can I correct my body and blood tests and safely come off medication and get a good night sleep and not feel stressed during the day? 

Discussing topics
Definition of Depression: Exhaustion extreme weariness, to make empty, grief, sadness, anger, degradation, humiliation, dispirited, turbulence 
Foods that lead to depression e.g. processed/refined/packaged foods and drinks and sugar/salt creating foods and sugar food combinations that distress the body (processed/packaged coffee, chocolate etc) 
Foods that if you may need to avoid that can cause depression like alcohol, cortisol’s, peptides and medication interactions
Adrenaline foods, Serotonin, Tryptophan, Methionine, Tyrosine, Soft Leafy Greens, Healing Oils and Fats, Arginine, Valine, Trypsin 
Cortisol foods and Steroids found naturally in foods, endorphins foods, hormone foods
Insulin Foods (Islands of Langerhans) in the pancreas that helps the body use sugar and other carbohydrates 
Stress preventing foods, relaxing foods and drinks that feed the hormones and prevent adrenal and hormonal stress
Depression relieving foods and the source of medications and supplements that are derived from foods 
Environmental and practical changes to daily routines
Which ones do I use and what do I do about safely staying well? 
We discuss what they are, what foods they are in and how to regulate your body…
​Event open to the public: 3rd July 2018
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talks

'Open Areas of Our Body and How to Protect them!'
Have you ever wondered how to protect my body from environmental pollution, sinus, hay fever, itching, mucus spots and rashes? 
Discussing the parts of the body that are open for immediate absorption of either toxins or life healing solutions and how to protect them. 
These are the mouth, teeth, palms, heels and open organs of the body where natural excretions protect these parts. 
These areas can be open to infections. Learn how to safely prevent infections and safely draw out infections. 
Come and ask questions about what how we can correct our bodies!
Event open to the public: 5th June 2018
​Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talks

'Discussing how to be Pain Free!'
Why mask the symptoms and create injury? 
Learn safe ways to solve the pain once and for all...
Discussing the definition of pain, various types of pain and how to recover quickly from internal and external pains and injuries.
Come and ask questions about what pain and learn about specific healing first aid teas and foods to solve different types of pain!
​Event open to the public: 1st May 2018
​Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talks

'Build Immunity to Germs and Viruses from Within!' 
Discussing Anti-bacterial and anti-virals so you can know safe medicinal immunity building foods so you can take care of your own health with ease.
Come and ask questions about what foods, what drinks; and really...what cleansers, toiletries, soaps around your work and home are safe for you and can also protect you from Germs, Flu's and Viruses so you can carry on enjoying your life!
Event open to the public: 6th March 2018
​Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talks

Look Good Feel Better Womens Expo Evening
We had a stall and exhibit with a prize draw and free first aid tea tastings
Hosted by: Inner Wheel Club of Tawa
Where: Tawa Bowling Club Wellington 
Time:Wednesday Evening 21st March 2018 7pm-9pm
Free complementary packages from various exhibitors, free finger food and drinks on arrival
Event open to the public with Jill Day Deputy Mayor opening the event
Look Good Feel Better is an International Charity supporting women who have been or are going through treatment with cancer

We celebrated our '17th Birthday.' We had a yummy relaxing afternoon Sunday 26th November 2017, 4pm-7pm at 25 a Postgate Drive Whitby, with free Life Healing Food Green Prescription Recipe tastings and first aid teas, plus purchase half price gifts, seasonal healing gifts and new healing products - event open to the public

Do you know there are lots of nice-tasting and healing salad weeds in your back garden? Sunday 3rd December 3pm-5pm at 25a Postgate Drive Whitby, and join Merav for a spring wild-field weed walk and discover for yourself nice tasting salad greens and learn about medicinal first aid teas. 
Entry fee $10 cash only and open to the public - please register 
At this walk we are honored to have visiting Julia Sich who has just launched her book 'Julia's guide to edible weeds and wild green smoothies' link www.juliasedibleweeds.com/products Her book will be available for purchase  

'Questions on Caffeine, Coffee, Soya, Internet fads and How to Stay Safe with Healing Food?'
Come and ask questions about medicinal life healing food and learn about what foods harm or heal you and why. What is the difference chemically between real and processed food. Know what life healing foods change genetic weakness, make healthy cells, give muscle strength and repair the body.
​Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 2nd November 2017 7pm-8 pm Registration and entry for event: $15  Free complementary care package, free tastings and first aid teas to try and products to purchase if desired
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talk

'Smooth Sailing Through Hay-Fever Season!'
Learn about healing foods that clear allergic reactions: asthma, breathing, itching, swellings and other allergy problems...
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 5th October 2017 
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talk

'The New Safe Life Healing Food Answers of Medicine and Science'
A brief understanding of 'Life Healing Food' our personalized healing consultations and first aid store products
NZ Kennel Club Prosser St, Porirua 23rd September 2017
Powerpoint Presentation and Talk

'Simply Controlling Diabetes/Overweight'  
How to simply prevent diabetes and overweight with healing food. Also learn about pancreatic and insulin foods, and how to prevent sugar cravings and hypoglycaemia
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 7th September 2017 
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talk

'Not Indigestion, but Easy Digestion'
Powerpoint Presentation and Talk
Learn about digestion that works: plus how to prevent bloating and acid reflux; use healing foods with pancreatic enzymes; heal your digestive linings, be free of 'gluten-free' and be satisfied and enjoy nice-tasting life healng food...'Identifying Nice Tasting Weeds'
Helen Smith Meeting Room, Pataka Museum, Corner of Norrie and Parumoana St, Porirua 31st August 5:30pm'

'Nice Tasting Edible Weeds' 
Powerpoint Presentation and Talk
Johnsonville Garden Club Union Church Hall Friday August 18th 9:45am

'Answers on How to Build Immunity And Strength'
Medicinal Life Healing Food: for babies; children; adults; and chronic ailments
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 3rd August 2017
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talk

'Building Immunity to Viruses' 
Learn what foods feed them and how to prevent them!' Topics discussed include: Candida, Chronic Fatigue, Athletes Foot, Yeast, Conjunctivitis, Cold Sores, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Athlete's Foot, Red Rashes, Conjunctivitis, Cold Sores, Bloating, Sugar Cravings, Tiredness and how to prevent these unwanted symptoms
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 6th July 2017
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talk

'Overcoming Digestion Problems' 
Preventing bowel malfunctioning; constipation, bloating, food allergies, diarrhoea, food poisoning
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 1st June 2017
Monthly Powerpoint Presentations and Talk

'How to Overcome Allergies' 
Using first aid antihistamine teas; protecting demulcents and immunity building foods...
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 4th May 2017

'How to Reduce Your Grocery Bills and Food Preparation Time! With Life Healing Food and Green Prescription Recipes...'                       
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 6th April 2017 

'What Foods Really Harm or Heal You?' Powerpoint presentation
Churton Park Community Centre Thursday Evening 2nd March 2017 

'Know What is Real Healing Food' Tawa Community Education talk and Powerpoint on the 16th February 2017

'Natural Food Myth Busters': On the 29th August 2016 with a power point slides presentation people learnt more about common myths of the latest fads, various limitations of various diets, and more about the limitations of super foods and what really is Life healing Food and how it doesn't create dependency but satisfies. 

'Food Allergies': On the 5th September 2016 with a power point slides visitors learnt more about how to recover from gluten allergies, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, candida and other food allergies like eczema and psoriasis.  It was the second of three consecutive talks at Churton Park Community Centre 75 Lakewood Ave Churton Park Village, Wellington. Please feel free to pass this on to family and friends.

'Men's Health Questions': were answered with a power point presentation and conversations on the 12th September 2016 for muscle energy, good sleep, increased productivity and gaining prostate health.

It was lovely to meet special people with lots of wonderful questions on the 6th July 2016 from 7-9pm at Moera Hall Lower Hutt where we had a power point presentation about 300 plus safe antibiotics in food. Merav explained how to balance food, prevent bacteria and viruses and how to improve your immunity.

Thanks to everyone I meet at the Kapiti Well Me group for Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia on Wednesday the 15th of June in Waikanae. I look forward to seeing you at my store and for a consultation.

It was lovely to meet Deidre-Lee Allen's Yoga Flow groups from Plimmerton on the 1st and 3rd of June and share with you about Medicinal Food as Healing Medicine. 

Thanks to those who came to the Body Balance Workshop and the Antibiotics workshop in June 2016.

Really great to meet new people at the body, soul and spirit fair on the 9th 
April 2016 in the Hutt Valley. 

It was nice to meet many new people at our stall in February 2016 at the Festival of Elements in Porirua and at our summer healing food weed walk. 

Learn how to Identify Survival Weeds and how to use them. Contact Merav for Life Healing Food nice tasting weed/food walks.

Book Discounted Talks and Powerpoint Presentations

*Private Talks for groups of 7-10 people by teleconferencing 
 (Due to Covid-19)

*Work office talks on staying well, getting well and remaining well
  at work

*Work talks on how to have a safe work environment

Merav's private and work talks teach you how to prevent sickness, recover quickly from injuries, reduce living costs, explain diets and fads, discuss first aid life healing teas and most of all let you ask questions and get answers.

The organizer is rewarded with $60.00 worth of a half an hour consultation

Talk topics include 73 choices of medical problems and how to overcome them.

Contact Merav now to book your group talk about life healing food at email: info@lifehealingfood.com  

*Refer a Friend 
When you refer a friend who comes for a consultation you get a free first aid tea worth $17.50

*Customer Rewards
When you order two of the same first aid teas you get a $1 discount... plus contact Merav for regular client and shop store discounts... 

    From Organic, Healing, Quality Wild Field Plants ... 

           To the Kitchen ...

           To Healing Life ...

    Making New Healthy Cells...

    With Life Healing Food Consultations and Store...

    Empowering you to get well, look well and stay well!


“Life Healing Food was the First and  best Healing Medicine! Today we  offer quality life-healing food, and  healing knowledge food plans, for  both now and future generations." 

- Merav Reid   
Contact Us
Contact Us
Merav Reid
​ The World Health  Organisational Guideline for  the assessment of Herbal  Medicine says:

  "A long history of effective use will
   approve them under the doctrine      of reasonable certainty that a 
   substances historical use is a
   valid way to document safety and
   efficiency in the absence of  
   scientific evidence to the  

Today at life Healing Food we do not use herbal medicine but offer safer options of using quality, life healing food to repair, restore, heal the body and its cells and prevent future disease. 

                            - Merav Reid     
 "We offer care of the human frame by using the safest healing food, with dietary plans to get to the origin of the cause, and to correct and prevent specific diseases"

                              - Merav Reid   
To order products from our shop, simply look through the 'Shopping List' below and either phone me with your order: 04 235 9262 or 
027 352 8131 or email to info@lifehealingfood.com

Download and Print out our Current Life Healing Food Shopping List Product Catalogue and our Health Consultancy Information Brochure: 
Introducing Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre: For specialist health consultations for recovery from viruses, chronic and normal diseases using food as medicine, your natural pharmacy, your safe life-healing food dry goods store and for the safest lifestyle products.
Health Consultations are by appointment, email, telephone, internet online. Viewing of shop by arranged appointment. Couriered products from the Shopping List Catalogue within NZ Aotearoa.

Store goods and visits are arranged by contacting us by email info@lifehealingfood.com or Tel: 0273528131

Download our 18 page PDF shopping product catalogue and then  email us your order from our organic healing dried goods store list. Then we will courier deliver or arrange a time with you for the pick up of your goods. 

Download our Health Consultation Brochure Information 


                Did you know healing food was and still is
            the best, safest, immunity building Medicine?

        We get to the origin and cause of disease because...

"You are what you eat, drink, breathe, use and absorb" - Merav Reid

When you eat safe, real, life healing food it makes new healthy cells in your body. 

We also explain the chemistry of foods which cause body disease and decay.

We empower you at Life Healing Food Consultancy with safe, and the best medicinal food knowledge so you can take care of your own health.

You can safely know how to get well, look well and stay well with our expert advice of quality, dietary healing food plans, medicinal food consultation packages, safe and satisfying 'first aid' teas, life healing food and 'green prescription recipes.' 

These help restore, repair and renew your body. This equates to you healing naturally so you live a fulfilled life. 

You get to know how to use safe, first aid, life healing leafy teas and roots as healing food plants. 

You won't see us using herbs, supplements, medications, drugs or harmful chemicals. Life healing Food is the future of safe medicine: available from Consultations and our Life Healing Food Store.

  Do you want a good easy life?

  We want you to know safe life healing

  We give the empowerment back to

  We want you to feel satisfied and full
  when you eat life healing food. 
  This puts you in control of your life.             

  Take back the lost years from following
  fads and dietary gurus and actually        know the chemistry of healing food          and its effects on your body.

  We put back into your hands easy ways
  to follow economical living and support
  you to regain your happiness.         

  We value people and impart truth
  to your knowledge base. 

  We act as a detective to eliminate
  problems and get to the origin of  
  specific diseases.      

  We want you to know how to prevent,  
  protect and correct your body from
  disease and reverse harmful chemical

  Why not improve and repair your
  immunity and strength; restore
  your body and prevent future disease;
  by knowing which healing foods
  are designed for you?  

  Contact us now for a consultation
  at + 64 4 235 9262 
  or  + 64 273 528 131 

  Visit our store and how to identify life
  healing food sources to make the right 
  choices for you and your family.

Here is the legal information:

It basically says that we won’t
mistreat you, lie to you, nor
compromise our integrity. 

As a business consultancy and store we are here for you, we will do our best to inform, support and help you through changes in your wellbeing with your cooperation and feedback.

Information from life healing food should not be construed or relied on as advice, diagnosis, treatment of
medicine for disease under any
licensed, controlled act or policy and
we expect you to have a relationship
with your own physician... 

Read on for more technical details... 

​  Life Healing Food Consultancy Centre™
 Consultancy and Store Disclaimer:

 "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest clients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."  (Paraphrased)

                         - Thomas Edison  
Get Well, Look Well and Stay Well!

We prevent dependency and empower people with healing knowledge of their own unique body to solve health problems.
Client Testimonial after Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 22 April 2015

Before taking life healing food as my medicine I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia and I had possible metal poisoning from dental fillings and working in a laboratory. 

Originally I was a bit sceptical, because I had been sick for so long, but this new well feeling in my life is proof that the healing food that Merav recommends for specific diseases really does work. 

I completed the health analysis questionnaire then consultations and I got life healing first aid teas, food and green prescription recipes.

For the first two weeks Merav adjusted the life healing teas to slow down the removal of toxins as I originally had headaches and ringing in my ears. This disappeared quickly and now my memory is improved, I'm free of pain, I sleep well, I can go to the gym and I'm peaceful and contented. 

I can manage daily tasks, meetings and seminars without feeling tired, exhausted or physically depressed. I have now reduced the number of life healing teas down to the ones I feel I need each day. I have a lot to thank Merav for. 

                       -Josephine Olsen

Client Testimonial: 

 'Gliding through Shingles' 

"We texted Merav on the 13th June  2017 due to a rash which we discovered was shingles.

We needed to know which of her quality teas would heal this with no itching.

I immediately took those teas according to her directions, had a wash and a bath with them too, so I had no itching and very little blisters.

The rash covered my stomach and by day five it was disappearing.

I rested but I was not in pain or itching.

I am thankful for Merav's expertise in knowing what foods I should eat to be well and what foods to avoid, plus the natural antihistamines, the first aid teas that opened the pores of the skin and let the virus out, plus other teas that stopped the redness and drew out the blisters. "

 - Ron Emeny

 Client Testimonial: 

 'No answer for Fistula/Bowel     infections and leakage - not even surgery - until Vicki tried Life Healing Food' 

"14 months prior to seeing Merav, I was taken to hospital for emergency surgery to clear out a random bacterial infection that had resulted in abscesses in my pelvis.

The recovery for this was slow and I was off work for 3 months. 

A complication which resulted from either the surgery or the infection was that I had a fistulas (tunnel connection) between my bowel and bladder which meant bowel content was appearing in my urine and I was highly susceptible to infections especially to UTIs, bladder and kidney infections. 

My surgeon told me that the fistula won’t close by itself and that it will require repair surgery. 

However the surgery would be very complex and with the existing damage there was a high chance it would cause more damage and more fistulas may appear in other areas.

So I was told the only option was to wait a few years and hope that the swelling in my pelvis decreases enough for it to be safe to conduct another surgery to repair the fistula. 

I heard about Merav through a friend. I saw Merav 14 months after the surgery and she put me on a diet of organic whole foods, healing teas and other healing advice/products. 

It was so refreshing to speak to someone who is extremely knowledgeable about health/food and really takes the time to thoroughly assess all factors involved to prescribe a plan that is tailored to your own requirements.

I followed Merav’s instructions meticulously and 3 months later, my fistula has closed up by itself!"

  - Vicki from Porirua

 Client Testimonial: 

 'Crohns - Need An Answer? - with Life Healing Food' 

“Previous, I'd seen various health professionals in the field of intestinal diseases and nutrition. Solutions presented by these professionals included elimination of groups of macronutrients plus using medications with potentially adverse side effects.

​Later in my journey I met Merav which permitted me to eat a wider array of foods, alongside the consumption of her medicinal quality first aid teas. This eased the stress and symptoms I experienced. Alternative recipes were presented to mitigate foods I sorely missed.

Three months on I'm no longer using medication for crohns and feel great!

I appreciate the time and patience Merav gave during the process."

  - B Cohen, Palmerston North,        17th January 2019 

Client Testimonial after a fall  January 2018

On New Years Eve I took a fall and broke both of my wrists. I narrowly avoided surgery, and am now in plaster up to my elbows. With the help of Merav's beautiful healing teas, I've been able to rapidly reduce conventional pain medication and in fact virtually eliminated it just a week or so on, much to the amazement of myself and others including medical staff. I look forward to reporting how her other traditional bone remedies will help me avoid operations. I have also so appreciated Merav's genuine care and concern during this challenge.    

     - Charlotte, Petone, Lower Hutt 

 Client Testimonial: 

 'Battling on - Need An Answer? - with Life Healing Food' 

“Having battled with some issues for years I decided to try Merav’s Life Healing Consultation Centre.

I opted for the full consultation with Merav, which meant filling in a long questionnaire and then having a 2 hour consultation with Merav.

I have since been using some of Merav’s Green Prescription teas which are specially chosen by her for me, following her advice regarding the food I eat, and I have been using some of her recipes.

I was astounded at how quickly some issues seemed to ease (after only 2 weeks) and how much better I was feeling. 

Some issues still remained so I went for a follow-up consultation, where Merav explored other things that I am eating, or things I use around the house, which could be the cause. 

I left with some different teas and ideas of what to change, and I am keeping notes on how each day goes. 

I am excited that I am noticing some more improvements.

I can see how important it is to keep feeding back to Merav on what works and what doesn’t, so that we can get to the root cause of my issues. 

Eliminating the cause is my ideal and with the changes in my diet and eating patterns, together with Merav's teas I have now overcome some issues and reduced others." 

  - Marianne Chilcott 

 Client Testimonial: 

 'Menopause - Need An Answer? - with Life Healing Food' 

“Before meeting Merav I had been struggling with menopause symptoms for some years.

I was not able sure what Merav would be able to do for me, however she listened to what I had been experiencing and was able to recommend a number of healing teas to help with my symptoms.

Since commencing on these (about 4 weeks ago) I have found that I sleep better and I no longer feel constantly exhausted through the day.

My mood and memory have improved, and I have more energy to enjoy the activities I love.

I'm loving how this feels and know that it has a lot to do with Merav's expertise and knowledge.

I thank her for sharing this and the healing foods. I appreciate the time and patience Merav gave during the process."

 - Kylie, Porirua 18th Dec 2019  

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